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Traditional Wedding Gifts

Here at Artisan, we like tradition!

Nothing beats the old fashioned ways especially when it comes to Wedding Day gifts. 

Very popular are horseshoes, wooden spoons and garters that include a sixpence. 

We make horseshoes completely from scratch. The bases are cut from wood sanded and painted, then ruffled fabric creates a lovely basis for all the pretty additions to make the gift come alive!

We will need to know colours, if there is a theme, any of the essentials to create a totally unique horseshoe. 

The tag includes the newlyweds names, date, venue, who it is from

(you can pick how much or little to include)

Price guide for Horseshoes from £25

Spoons & Garters from £12

Have you thought about the wedding day card? This could be made to keep the theme running!